Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Stunning Brown,snow Male,female Bengal Kittens

Snow bengal cat for sale

Here we have a litter of 5, Snows and brown rosettes. Male and Female kittens all looking for their forever homes. Litter consists of :
3 Females.... 2 Snow 1 Brown
2 Males........1 Snow 1 Brown

Brown Rosseted bengal cat

These wonderful kittens are the true meaning of Bengal... they are full of energy  All the characteristics of a Bengal These Kittens will come fully vaccinated and micro chipped.
Treated for fleas and worms.... These little babies have been brought up in the home so they are fully litter trained, used to all household noises and dogs.Contact for more information if interested

British shorthair kittens for sale

British short hair cat for sale

I have got adorable   British short hair kittens for sale.Some of them look as blue tabbies,very gorgeous.
Kittens will are:
- GCCF registered as non-active pets for homes only
- All vaccinations up to date - Wormed and flea treated
- Micro-chipped
- Vet checked
- Litter and Scratchpost trained
- Use to house noises (incl Vacuums)
- Kitten starter pack for you to take with the kitten.
Contact for more information if interested

Scottish Fold kittens For Sale

Scotish Fold Cat for sale

We have the straight ear and folded ear available
a litter of Scottish fold kittens available. There are blue short coat male, long coat male. the kittens are well socialized toilet trained, vaccinated, vet checked, micro chipped, 6 weeks insurance. Do not hesitate to contact for more information

Monday, March 27, 2017

All Out Of Africa Kanta And Xchardicats Bam Bam

African Tiger Cubs For sale

All my cats and kittens are always well socialised and will are 'bomb proof,' ' litter proof, ' but no guarantees that they won't charm their way into you're life, and take over it forever. They will have all sorts of things that you would expect, health checked at least three times,wormed and fleed, vaccinations, 4 weeks pet insurance, plus on going support and contact with myself, I love to see all their photographs and their new homes, the things they get up to, and the fun never boring time that you will have with you're new savannah. More photographs to follow as soon as they get a little bigger, also their gender 3 reserved. Pkdef nn,

Authentic Ragamuffins

Ragamuffins kitten for adoption

RagaMuffins available, Black & White girl, Brown Tabby & white boy, all fully vaccinated, wormed,vet checked, comes with petplan insurance, 5 generation pedigree and are from PKD and sHCM free parents, they are very outgoing and very friendly.If interested contact for more information.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pure British Shorthair Champion Silver & Golden

British shorthair Champion

 Beautiful litter of stunning chunky pure pedigree British shorthair kittens from Grand Grand Champion Lines. Very loving and cutest little babies, round cute face, amazing eye colour, softest balls of cashmere fur, sweetest temperament, playful and soft natured. Used to everyday noises of a house environment such as children, guests,

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Champion Sired British Blue kitten Ready Now

champion british shorthair cat

Kittens will go home with a starter pack:
Food Royal canin wet and dry
gccf pedigree
4 weeks free insurance
Vaccine card
If interested do not hesitate to contact for more information

*Gorgeous Blue Eyed, Red & Cream Persian Kitten***

Gorgeous Blue eyed Persian cat

Hi, this is the last little baby left in a litter of 5! In my opinion he was the best looking one in his litter so we held him back to keep him but we currently have 2 litters and have decided to keep a girl from our other litter instead so for this reason this little man is ready for his new home. He is so cute and he has the sweetest little nature. He has been wormed with panacur and frontlined he has been fed on royal canine kitten biscuits. Serious enquiries only!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Seal Colour Point Persian Baby Girl

Adorable Seal Point Persian cat

This is my adorable seal colour point little girl Persian kittens for sale. She is brought up in family home with small children and small dog she loves to play but also loves a nice cuddle. She will leave for her new loving home wilt full vacs wormed to date and will be vet checked twice before leaving.also she is gccf reg with a 5 gen pedigree 4 weeks free pet plan insurance and a kitten pack with blanket and toy

Rare Himalayan Pedigree Persian Kittens Gccf Reg

We have a Stunning litter of beautiful RARE Himalayan Persian kittens. i am a fully registered GCCF breeder of top quality pedigree Persians. All our kittens are Fully Vet checked and come only after their full course of vaccinations.

Pedigree Persian Kittens

parents, vaccinated, health checked, micro chipped, comes with 5 generation pedigree, 4 weeks Pet plan insurance, kitten pack, food, recommended special grooming comb, 24/7 advice and support, plus a year's membership of our Breed Club.

Persian Cat for sale

They are GCCF registered Persian cat , both parents can be seen, dad is American import, they are PKD negative. They will leave with 4 weeks free insurance, full pedigree, they will be fully vaccinated and will have had 2 vet health checks.Persian kittens for sale

Persian Cat for sale

They will be wormed and fully litter trained, they will also leave with food and toys.They are adorable and are ready to move into their loving home

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

British Shorthair Kitten

Breed name: British Shorthair Kitten
Average lifespan: 15 to 20 years.
Temperament: friendly and affectionate, loyal and devoted, good with children and other pets.
Weight: males 6.8 to 8.1kg; females 4.5 to 5.4kg.
Availabilty: easy.
Colours: available in almost every colour and coat pattern you can think of. The best known are blue and silver tabby.
Grooming: once a week is adequate. A simple hand groom will often remove dead hair.

Personality and Temperament

This is a quiet, undemonstrative cat endowed with a certain amount of British reserve. Though initially hesitant, it warms to people once it becomes familiar with them, and it bonds closely with its human companions. It will show loyalty to all the members of the family, rather than just one person. The perfect family pet, it is at its best with children, showing patience and affection, and easy adaptation to changes in the home. You can expect your Shorthair to be good tempered, with a stable personality, and stable patterns of behavior. It has an independent nature and thrives well even when left alone, and is not likely to get involved with high energy activities once it has left kitten-hood. The Shorthair is also known for being particularly quiet, using its voice only when it needs something from you.

British Shorthair cat breed health and lifestyle

It seems the British Shorthair cat will suit all lifestyles, be it town life or as a country cat. What more could the modern cat owner with a busy lifestyle ask for? They make few demands, are healthy and hardy, and don't require a lot of grooming. However if you are out all day, it is much kinder to have two so that they have company.

The breed is no more prone to illnesses than any other cat and all reputable breeders will ensure their cats are PKD negative. Pam says: "In the past, some lines were prone to Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), but it's not rife in the breed."

As they are known for being well-built cats, Shorthairs can be prone to obesity, especially after they've been neutered, so give your cat plenty of exercise and maintain a controlled, balanced diet to keep the fat at bay. As far as grooming goes, British Shorthairs are a very low maintenance breed and a very hardy cat. Grooming your Shorthair is as simple as a good comb once a week, a quick ear wipe and you're done.

I have 4 beautifull british shorthair kittens blue males and lilac male all have been vet checked and first vaccination given. They are wormed and flead to date and have been weaned on royal canin, they are litter trained and have been bought up with children

Russian Blue kittens

Most Russian Blue cat are shy around new people, even their new owners. But they quickly and firmly bond to their caregivers. The typical Russian blue cat is shy around strangers, so it might take them some time to accept people from outside the household. Food, attention, and a warm body to snuggle against are a Russian blue cat priorities in life. They prefer a quiet household and accept changes reluctantly.


Food is very high on a Russian’s list of priorities, followed by attention, then food. They will try to convince you that you have not fed them for a week. Do not fall for it!!!. Russian blue cat like to eat and will become fat if you let them eat what and when they want. We recommend that you feed twice a day (three times until they are 7 months old) and have fresh water available at all times. Do not let them free feed. A cat does not need to pick at food all day. This will make him a fussy eater. This will also enable to monitor his food intake. You will know how much to cut back if necessary and if he/she is not eating properly, which can be a sign of illness. We recommend that you feed a premium dry cat food (such as Royal Canin, Halo, Orijin, or Acana) and preferably grain free. These foods have less "fillers" in them, so that there are more usable nutrients. At first, you may think that they cost more than the grocery store variety, but you actually feed less (1/4 to 1/2 half-cup per serving) and your cat will be healthier in the long run. An added benefit - as you are feeding less, there is less waste to scoop out of the litter box.

We also advocate feeding a premium canned food, perhaps mixed with some additional water. Cats, by their nature, do not drink enough water, and it is important that they to do maintain healthy kidney function (for to insure that males do not have a blockage of the urethra). As your cat matures, you will need to switch to a "light" or "less active" variety of the same food. These contain less fat. Remember, if you keep your cat’s weight down, he will be healthier.

Speaking of water - did you know that cats are more inclined to drink water if it's in a fountain? Studies have shown that given the choice, cats prefer to drink running/moving water. You might think about getting a pet fountain. We really like the all metal ones as they can be put right in the dishwasher for cleaning. Remember to disassemble the motor and clean it too.

Beautiful Russian kitten

I currently have a litter of full pedigree kittens. There are 5 in the litter which consists of 3 boys and 2 girls.Both parents are GCCF registered and mum can be seen. They will come with a five generation Pedigree, 4 weeks free insurance, litter and scratch post trained, flea and worm treated, a kitten pack which includes vouchers for free food and a life time of support should it be needed, they are well socialised and handled.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Siamese Kittens

The active and social Siamese is a perfect choice for families with children and cat-friendly dogs. He/she will play fetch as well as any retriever, learns tricks easily and loves the attention he receives from children who treat him politely and with respect.


The Siamese cat is not only beautiful, but also she is highly intelligent. She can be trained to walk on a lead. This intelligence does not mean, however, that she can be trained to do everything you might wish. Like most other highly intelligent breeds, the Siamese has her own desires.

The Siamese is an affectionate cat and requires her parent to be as dedicated to her as she is to her parent. Her parent must be affectionate to the Siamese and make time to play with her.

Living With:

With her long, muscular body, weight gain will show quickly in the Siamese. Siamese show a pot belly after indulging in one day of over-eating. The nutrition must be carefully controlled. The long, slim legs are not made to hold a fat body.
Siamese are great jumpers and love heights, so perches and cat trees should be provided. Siamese love to play and appreciate toys around the house for their pleasure. While the coat needs little care, Siamese tend to associate brushing with affection and will enjoy spending time being groomed.
The Siamese, as elegant as she looks, can be quite a lap cat.They are extremely affectionate and will sleep next to her parent

Fantastic Siamese kittens

They are happy, healthy babies that will make a fabulous addition to your home. The kittens will leave home fully vaccinated, wormed and with a 5 generation pedigree. Usual foods and a blanket with Mum's scent also provided. They make a great pair together.