Monday, July 24, 2017

Stunning Russian Pedigree Kittens

Russian Blue cat just like ny other breed they are amazing cats,gentle,quiet cat they are sometimes very shy but all depends on the atmosphere but its not a big deal.This cats love to play jump around, all this is about to study their environments and people before making up their minds if they should get involved.

Visitors will never see them except their minds are made up about the stranger at home, but towards family members,friends they are always loyal and obedient.The are very sensitive cat  who doesn't like to be ignored and because hurt if you don't returned the same amount of love they show .

Russian Blue Kittens

We have available 5 beautiful Russian Blue kittens. Mum and Dad are both registered . Both parents are here to be seen and a copy of their pedigree will be supplied. The kittens are being handled daily and are socialized with as much as possible before leaving home. They are checked and insured and leave with a small supply of food, some toys and a comfort blanket to help them settle.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any information about these breed or if you interested in getting one

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